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More information about our fees can be found at the end of this form. If you answer as many questions as possible it will be easier to find a perfect match. When you fill in this form, you can only use characters from the English and Scandinavian alphabets (including Å, Ä, Æ, Ö, Ø, and Ü).

Please note that you must enter

  • the names of the father or mother in your family,
  • your nationalities,
  • your address,
  • your phone or cell phone number,
  • what you will pay the au pair each month, and
  • whether you will pay for the transfer trips.

This information is a minimum. We will not be able to process your application without it.

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Please don't forget to enter the ages of your children below! It's an important question for most au pair candidates. This information will make it easier to find a perfect match.

Does your family travel often?
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Did your family have an au pair before?
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What year?
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How many days would your au pair work during each week?
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We divide the duties into two categories:
1) Child care duties
2) Household duties

1) Please list the child care duties
2) Are there any household duties?
2) If Yes, please list the household duties
Monthly Allowance / Pocket Money and currency
Please confirm that you will arrange for pickup of your au pair at her arrival at nearest airport/ train station. (Y/N)
If Yes, how could the transfer trip be arranged? Please name the nearest airport and/or station where you expect her to arrive. (Could you for instance drive the au pair from there?)
We would prefer an au pair who is (years old)
We would prefer an au pair who is able to speak
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Will your au pair be able to attend a language class at your expense?
Will your au pair need a driving licence and the ability to drive a car?
Will your au pair have access to a car?
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The countries on the list are sorted by number of au pair candidates. At the top of the list are the countries with the highest number of available au pair candidates.

We would prefer to have an au pair from
Give your future au pair a short description of your family (interests, hobbies, handicaps, distance to shops and the local train station etc):
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Do you want us to present an advertisement on our web site? The ad will be anonymous. It will show

  • what city you live in,
  • whether you want a female or male au pair,
  • whether you require a driving licence or not,
  • the number of children in your family,
  • when you want your au pair to start, and
  • the short description of your family.
The ad will increase your chances of getting the perfect au pair fast
(Warning: If you select "No" your ad will be invisible!)
We recommend that you upload a good photo of the family. The photo will appear in the advertisement mentioned above


As soon as we have agreed on a matching au pair candidate, we will send you a contract to sign. It is important that you sign this contract and return it to us by regular mail or e-mail, in order to activate your three month warranty. We will also send you an invoice, to be paid in full within 10 days.

Our service fee for the placement including Visa process for one au pair depends on your country of residence:

Sweden: SEK 6000:- Incl. VAT
Norway: NOK 4800:- Incl. VAT
Denmark: DKK 5000:- Incl. VAT

Our returning families loyalty discount program is on hold until 2025.
- Regular customer discount of 0%
- Non-used warranty discount of 0%

Our service fee includes a three (3) month warranty. If you need a replacement, we will make one replacement free of charge (if less than three months have passed since your au pair candidate arrived in your home).

Your data is safe with us. We comply with the rules in GDPR.

No fee charged for returning this form to us. You will be charged if and when you decide to host a specific au pair candidate.

Please check the check box below to accept our payment conditions:

Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions:
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